About Us

Pets Simple Limited was established solely to serve as an online store with good quality products advertised with a good honest price. As pet lovers ourselves we were inspired to help establish a brand which would cater for the needs of our dogs.

We all know how love-able and loyal our dogs and puppies can be, and hence these furry friends are so always close to our heart. We are focused on Dog and puppy products, which are primarily based on what is needed by Pet owners. This is very important when it comes to product selection

Things we keep in mind when catering pet products, our key principles are based on the following 3 thoughts:


Always looking to improve our store, we value and love taking on any feedback from you folks! So please help us to improve and deliver better and better products to all of you guys in the future. 

At Pets Simple we believe in supporting worthwhile causes, and are great believers in giving back to the community. When it comes to dog rescue clubs, we feel very passionate about this are and are always getting involved in encouraging awareness.




Want to get involved?

If you have a passionate cause concerning dogs, then we would really love to hear from you guys on how we can help the dog community, so please let us know at info@petssimple.com.